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June 1, 2018

I recently visited Sayulita, Mexico. It was given a rare opportunity for a dream shoot in such a beautiful place. I thought “Why not celebrate myself, so I said yes”!!!!!!! I do not regret this for one second. This was an amazing week for so many reasons. Packed my bag (with my own camera in hand too and flew away).

coffee cup Ocean Scenary Balcony Scenary Bougainvillea Pink Stairs and Green Hearts Rooster and Chicken

I don’t know about you, but I believe the world works in mysterious ways. This trip turned into a time of reflection, gratitude and growing a friendship stronger. It also turned into a trip to the hospital with food poisoning but that’s not the topic of conversation right now. (Insert a gross look on my face).

Succulents Restaurant Local Potter Artistic Bowls Colorful Textiles Colorful Pom Poms

I enjoyed every day I had to “just be”. I love being a wife and mom more than you know but I needed a break. I left my husband with our son and I flew off to Sayulita. My husband, bless his heart would take on the world if it meant me being happier. We both knew this was not a good week for me to leave but he insisted I go. My husband is a selfless man who cares more about me being happy and will put everyone before himself.

Cactuses and Bougainvilleas Dining Table with a Bottle and Flower Old Dog on the Stairs Coffee Is The Answer - Sign Hibiscus Red Pepper

The purpose of this trip was to treat my self to a dream photo shoot by Joi Photography. Well…..….it was all that and more!!!!! (Highly recommend you check out her page and book a trip to her next dream shoot location)!!!!! I got to sleep in every day if I wanted…which I did! I got to have my morning tea over looking such a beautiful place from our rooftop deck taking in the breath taking view! I got to take my time. I got to go to the beat of my own drum all week! I missed my boys deeply but guess what….they were just fine without me and they managed with no problem. Sometimes I think our household won’t run without me and I am totally wrong on that one! The house was even clean and laundry was done when I got home. Yes, I am a lucky woman!!

Native Flowers Banana Tree Ocean View and Neighborhood Ferns Trees, Rocks and Ocean

I like to take on everything because I like to feel needed I guess. I was missed but I was not needed while I was gone. Reality check… boys can take care of themselves!!!!!

Sayulita should be a bucket list for all travelers. It is a quaint little town that makes you not want to leave. Trust me, I did not want to leave. I will go back there in a heart beat given the opportunity to go.

I got to do a dream shoot as well as bring my camera along which is one of my happy joys in life. So enjoy the photos I took as well as some I added in from my dream shoot… credit of those are by the very talented Crystal Skrupski with Joi Photography. This wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t toss in a selfie or two……he he…enjoy!!!


Standing near a Wall Near Banana Trees

Blue Dress and on a Log

Wearing Blue Dress and Standing on Rocks Standing in the Boat

Deeper into the Rocks

Two Friends and I My Friend and I.